Currently our investors are three major players involved in the energy transition: two utilities (DELTA and RWE/Essent) and the Dutch province of Gelderland.




DELTA is a total service provider in the fields of energy, infrastructure, environmental services, internet and telecommunications and is based in Middelburg, province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. DELTA is active on both the consumer market in Zeeland and business markets in the Netherlands and several other European countries.




Essent is part of the RWE Group. Essent is the largest energy company in the Netherlands with Belgium being their second home market. They provide private and business customers with gas, electricity and energy services.


PPM Oost manages, among others, a Fund-in-fund called ‘Topfonds Gelderland ' (TG) on behalf of the Dutch province of Gelderland. The financial resources of TG are meant for funds investing in various segments, including those focussing on the sustainable energy technologies. This way TG contributes to the (regional) goals in the field energy transition and stimulates economic innovation, while leveraging its resources with third party capital.



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