Wouter Jonk is co-founder and Managing Director of SET Ventures since 2007.

Besides his investment activities, he is responsible for the financial, legal and fiscal aspects of the firm. His focus is on companies in the area of solar, wind and energy efficiency. He serves on the Boards of EnOcean GmbH, NGenTec Ltd, 4energy Ltd and LUXeXceL Group BV.

From 1998 until the end of 2004, Wouter was part of the Philips Corporate Venturing team, which focused on early and growth stage technology companies. From 1999 through 2001 Wouter was based in Silicon Valley where he was the Operational Manager of the North American team that handled all the US venturing deals.

Back in Europe Wouter handled both venturing and M&A deals for Philips from 2002 through 2005. In this period the portfolio was successfully divested.

In 2006 Wouter joined the management team of the Philips Healthcare Incubator at its formation in the capacity of CFO. His main focus was to make investments in and partner with external start-up companies to aid in the transformation of Philips internal R&D projects and early stage business into new valuable business in health care. During his 18 month tenure 3 investments were successfully executed and 7 ventures built.

Previously, Wouter was a manager in the M&A group of Philips after being a manager at Price Waterhouse Corporate Finance. He started his career in Dutch Venture Capital in 1993 where he held positions at Greenfield Capital Partners and N.V. Brabant (merged into NeSBIC Ventures).

Wouter holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Technical University Twente, the Netherlands.

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