Since 2007 SET Ventures has invested and supported sustainable energy companies that have the potential to unlock bottlenecks in their respective value chains. All of our focus is on European companies that have the potential to grow fast and can have an impact on the future energy mix in the world.

Investment focus

Ground-breaking new technologies and materials enabling economical and renewable clean energy generation (e.g. solar, wind, bio-energy, and waste-to-energy)
Innovative energy storage-related technologies and electronics to build the energy grid of the future (e.g. power infrastructure, Smart Grid, and advanced batteries)
Novel stationary and mobile energy efficiency technologies (e.g. electric mobility, materials, green building, HVAC and LED lighting)

Investment priority

Whilst we review all proposals within this focussed area, our investment priority is geared towards "smart energy solutions" business models involving intelligent software and/or services, combined with hardware components, if required.