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SET Ventures is an Amsterdam-based venture capitalist firm managing investments in early growth stage European technology companies with high growth potential that have an impact on the future of energy in this world.

We care about sustainability issues and want to contribute in a meaningful way, while maximizing returns for our investors by creating valuable companies.  




Exclusively on European technologies that can have an impact on future energy in the world. This pure-play approach provides us with deep understanding of the business challenges and issues.


We are a founding member of the Chrysalix Global Network (GCN), a premier alliance of independent, top-tier venture capital firms in different geographies. CGN is an unique combination of:

  • geographically focused and independent venture capital firms with strong local deal flow, local networks and company building capabilities
  • benefiting from global insights in technology and market developments and access to networks in other regions.

A global network helps to grow portfolio companies faster across regions by building partnerships. Besides SET Ventures other members of CGN are Vancouver based Chrysalix EVC and Grand River Capital Management Chrysalix based in Beijing.


SET Ventures employs a value chain investment philosophy when evaluating the potential of in-scope technology companies. It is not just the technology that determines the success of a start-up company, no matter how advanced, novel or low-cost it might be compared to other technologies.

SET Ventures believes that only a sophisticated vision on how to solve anticipated bottlenecks in relevant value chains, combined with solid technology and a great management team able to execute this vision can build a successful company, yielding great returns for investors.

We are convinced that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of the business are an integral part of the future sustainability of any organization. Therefore we apply ESG principles to our own operations and expect portfolio companies to do the same using our in-house developed monitoring toolkit.


SET Ventures is an experienced company builder. Early growth stage companies often have a combination of promising business models and technologies as well as enthusiastic founders. However, to grow they will need to develop market traction, add production capabilities and build up and professionalize the organization.

To bring their promise to fruition, the team often needs to be complemented or changed during the growth of the company. SET Ventures aims to recognize these needs early on and instills the changes required with an active role in the company.

Furthermore, SET Ventures strives to ensure focus on execution of the strategy by means of clear milestone planning, to be agreed upon between investors and management, and supports in building partnerships via its network in and outside Europe.