Hans Streng - Hans started his professional career in Philips Research in 1985 before taking on general and development management positions primarily in the area of consumer electronics. He then established a leading broadband data communications company.

The Industree BV in 1998, which he led as CEO until acquisition by BarcoNet NV in 2000. Hans became Vice President of Barconet NV (now part of Scientific Atlanta, Inc. / Cisco Inc.) before re-joining Philips in 2002 as GM of the Digital Networks Division which he restructured through multiple M&A projects and establishment of a new software division (now NXP Software). He then became Vice President and General Manager of the Emerging Businesses unit at NXP Semiconductors, from which he spun-out software-GPS company Geotate ltd which he led as CEO until acquisition by U-blox AG in 2009. Later in 2009 he joined startup company Epyon as CEO which he led until acquisition by ABB in 2011.

Hans holds a number of non-executive director positions and advisory positions with startup companies and has degrees in Automotive and Electrical Engineering as well as Business Administration. Most importantly, Hans is married to his love4ever Wendy with whom he has four beautiful, bright and globe-trotting children; and in the end, that is what matters in a bio.